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Divorce Attorney

The institution of marriage might be the oldest on earth, but it carries its fair share of drawbacks and challenges. While it is very much possible to overcome many of the challenges life could throw at your union. A time might come when you need to take the difficult decision to initiate divorce proceedings. At WantLand Law, our divorce attorney in Shepherdsville Kentucky has the experience, emotional intelligence, professionalism and discretion to aid you through this, often, tumultuous period. No matter your reasons for getting a divorce- protecting your physical and emotional well-being; caring for your children; irreconcilable differences, etc. our team of well-qualified attorneys will handle the logistical, legal and more tedious aspects.

Protecting Your Interests

Divorces are almost often contentious, especially when emotions are still running high. The breakdown of a formerly affectionate relationship can make for gruesome scenes, in our experience. We find that when the parties finally decide to formalise their separation– and with kids and significant assets involved–a lot of underhandedness and mischief is employed to gain an upper hand.

Protecting your interests in a divorce is essential, as ultimately, your estranged spouse is certainly looking out for themselves. As you embark on this journey, you need to have a team behind you; one that is solely committed to obtaining the best possible deal for you. As the best divorce lawyers in Kentucky, our experts will approach your case with as much care, intensity and dedication needed to obtain a favourable and fair settlement.

In the rare event of an amicable divorce, you still need to ensure all your bases are adequately covered. The truth is, while you and your partner are probably in functional terms, the opposing attorney. In the course of doing their job will always focus on getting a better deal for their party. For this reason, even in divorce negotiations where both parties are still on good terms. Each party has to get an independent divorce attorney.

Eliminate the dangers of emotional dealings and reduce the chances of being exploited while vulnerable. At WantLand, your interests take priority billing, and every case is handled without the inconvenience of sentiments interfering.

Expediency and Quick Resolution

Ideally, you would prefer to handle the divorce proceedings quickly–allowing you to put it behind you, and get your life back on track. The mental, physical and financial stress of procuring a divorce makes taken expedient action necessary; to avoid unnecessary interactions with the other party, and to reduce the emotional toll on you.

Divorce proceedings have been proven to resolve significantly faster with an attorney involved, because, well, the knowledge of Kentucky divorce attorney law is our speciality. Navigating through court processes and technicalities should be handled by professionals with an expansive knowledge of the law. The years of experience navigating through the intricacies of Kentucky family law, and the practical knowledge gained representing clients in both contentious and amicable divorces makes WantLand Law your best bet for resolution.

We also handle arbitration cases: keeping you and your family from the rougher terrains of the courtroom. In arbitration, our lawyers, specialised in alternative dispute resolution, will serve as your agent while negotiating the terms of your divorce settlements.

Child Custody, Support, and Protection

Unions that have produced children are usually more complicated to deal with. The involvement of innocent children adds an extra layer of negotiations and discussions—as much as your interests must be protected, theirs must also be adequately catered to.

Kentucky family law stipulates the conditions to be met for sole or joint custody of children to be awarded to a parent. If, in the best interest of your children, you have arguments for why custody should be granted to you solely; or why parental rights are stripped from the other party, discuss with our family law attorney–and we will pursue the issue to the full extent of the law.

Kentucky child support laws have equal child support rates for both sole and joint custody—but this does not mean it’s as easy as demanding/making payments. To avoid being financially exploited, overpaying or receiving too little an amount as child support, our Shepherdsville based divorce lawyers will prepare an airtight case for adequate support for yourself and your children.

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Getting a divorce is not the end of the world or a sign of failure. Instead, it can be the beginning of something better–a new chapter in your life. And on the road to new beginnings, you need to ensure your foundation is solid—and this is what hiring a competent and experienced divorce lawyer provides you.

Wantland Law is a hands-on family law firm, with over four decades of experience handling cases relating to family law in Kentucky. Our team is led by an award-winning lawyer, Scott Wantland, who has developed a reputation as an expert sensitive and contentious familial litigations. Our mix of compassion and dogged professionalism has set us apart as the divorce attorney of choice for residents of Shepherdsville Kentucky.